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2009 March

Javascript Array Functions

Without using a Javascript library such as JQuery, there are very few functions built into Javascript to deal with arrays. Here are a few of my own that often come in handy when working on projects.

Integrating FCKEditor to save current content with AJAX using PHP

A short guide to getting FCKEditor to autosave the current content.

Pad A Javascript Number

To keep design and content consistent I often pad numbers with zeros to ensure they are all the same width. There is no built in function to do this, so I wrote my own.

Why use heading tags as opposed to font tags for displaying text in HTML?

Learn the how and why of using header tags in your markup.

Creating One Time Download Links

Creating single use or timed download links can allow websites to offer downloadable content that expires after a single download or after a set period of time. Many e-commerce sites are using these techniques to sell documents and files online.

Why Javascript in Forms is Bad

A look at how some Javascript in forms is bad and how when it’s bad it can destroy customer confidence and lose you valuable sales.

5 Things To Remember When Designing Accessible Web Pages

A look at what to remember and actions to take when designing accessible web pages.

Sizing Images Correctly – Part Two

This post follows on from what we looked at from Sizing Images Correctly – Part One and looks at another issue as to why correct image sizing is important.

Graphical CSS Rollover Menu

Learn how to create an accessible CSS only menu with image rollovers.

How-To: Create A Simple Text Reflection

Ever wondered how to create a simple text reflection within Photoshop? This post will take you through a simple tutorial on how to do it.

Using WordPress Tags as Keywords

Tags in Wordpress allow you to organise your content with quick and easy Folksonomy. This can then be used to view or show other related data or fancy, but not very usable, tag clouds. Today we will see if we can’t make more use out of this information by adding it to our meta keywords for better SEO.

Use the Canonical

Over the past few weeks all the major search engines have announced support for a new link element to help clean the web of duplicate URL’s. This new element allows site owners to specify the default URL for any page to help avoid duplication.