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ImageXY - Mac OS X Batch Photo Resizer

Checkout ImageXY - Painless image resizing for Mac OS X.

Quickly and painlessly bulk resize images, change image formats and create web-friendly photos for your website.

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2011 February

Using PHP to connect to SFTP

When programming in a business enviroment you often have to send and recieve files of data (data feeds) from other organisations or departments within your company. To handle this quickly and securely you can use the existing FTP protocol and its secure sibling sFTP. Today we will learn how easy it is to send/recieve files over sFTP automatically, allowing your scripts to run completly autonomously.

Asynchronous Virtual Pageviews with Google Analytics

If you have moved over to the new Asynchronous Google Analytics (GA) tracking code you may have trouble finding how to create virtual pageviews as the manual seems to push you more towards using Events instead.