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ImageXY - Mac OS X Batch Photo Resizer

Checkout ImageXY - Painless image resizing for Mac OS X.

Quickly and painlessly bulk resize images, change image formats and create web-friendly photos for your website.

Available on the Mac App Store!

Pad A Javascript Number

When doing a lot of front end scripting with Javascript you often find a lot of useful functions missing and so you create your own.

To keep design and content consistent I often pad numbers with zeros to ensure they are all the same width. There is no built in function to do this, so I wrote my own:

function pad(numNumber, numLength){
        var strString = '' + numNumber;
                strString = '0' + strString;
        return strString;


About The Author

Jacob Wyke is a web developer from the UK who makes complex things simple on the internet. He develops a batch image resizer for Mac OS X called ImageXY which you should try if you ever need to resize anything for the web.

You should also follow him on twitter.