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How-To: Create A Simple Text Reflection

Ever wondered how to create a simple text reflection within Photoshop? This post will take you through a simple tutorial on how to do it.

Step 1: Create A Text Layer

Begin by adding your text to the canvas.

Image showing Text Reflection wording

Step 2: Mirror The Text Layer

The next step requires the text being duplicated which can either be done by creating another text layer or simply duplicating the layer within the Layers Window. Once this has been achieved then go to Edit > Transform > Flip Vertical which flips the layer and then place this layer just below the original text layer as per below.

Image showing Text Reflection and a mirrored Text Reflection

Step 3: Create The Gradient

To create the reflection you can do this a number of ways yet what I feel is the quickest way and doesn’t require the layer to be rasterized is to create a layer mask. To do this you just need to select from the Layers Window the latest layer you’ve create and click on the ‘Add a Layer Mask’ button. By doing this you can then use the gradient tool which is set to Foreground to Transparent and simply create a gradient starting from the bottom of the T and stopping at the point whereby the text layers meet.

Image showing Text Reflection and a gradient version of Text Reflection

Step 4: Change The Layer Opacity

Finally by changing the opacity of the Layer within the Layers Window to something like 20% or 10% depending on what you prefer will finish the effect. Potentially you may decide that you’d like to use Edit > Transform > Skew in order to change the direction in which the light comes from.

Image showing Text Reflection and a reflected version of Text Reflection

About The Author

Jacob Wyke is a web developer from the UK who makes complex things simple on the internet. He develops a batch image resizer for Mac OS X called ImageXY which you should try if you ever need to resize anything for the web.

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