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ImageXY - Mac OS X Batch Photo Resizer

Checkout ImageXY - Painless image resizing for Mac OS X.

Quickly and painlessly bulk resize images, change image formats and create web-friendly photos for your website.

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10 Things To Do When Launching A Site

It always seems to be a hectic and rushed time when launching a new site. So having a checklist of things to tick off before launching can help save your sanity and avoid you launching a site that’s missing something important. Find out the 10 most important things to check for.

Asynchronous Virtual Pageviews with Google Analytics

If you have moved over to the new Asynchronous Google Analytics (GA) tracking code you may have trouble finding how to create virtual pageviews as the manual seems to push you more towards using Events instead.

Using WordPress Tags as Keywords

Tags in Wordpress allow you to organise your content with quick and easy Folksonomy. This can then be used to view or show other related data or fancy, but not very usable, tag clouds. Today we will see if we can’t make more use out of this information by adding it to our meta keywords for better SEO.

Use the Canonical

Over the past few weeks all the major search engines have announced support for a new link element to help clean the web of duplicate URL’s. This new element allows site owners to specify the default URL for any page to help avoid duplication.